Bringing a Resilient, Public Waterfront to Charlestown

The Flatley Company announced the 25.5-acre site of the former Domino Sugar Refinery will be developed and transformed to reconnect to the Charlestown neighborhood and open up the waterfront to the public for the first time since the 1950's. This area will be highlighted by a robust and unprecedented plan to protect areas of Charlestown, Cambridge and Somerville from sea-level rise.  

Located on the Mystic River in Charlestown, 425 Medford Street is adjacent to two parcels also owned by Flatley, the Schrafft's City Center and 465 Medford Street.  Altogether, these three parcels total approximately 46-acres of waterfront property. The project now proposed at 425 Medford Street prioritizes both public access and resiliency by opening up the entire waterfront to the public along all three properties and by addressing existing and future site flooding from predicted sea-level rise and climate change through the incorporation of a 22-foot-high resilient flood barrier constructed to 2070 flood-proof standards.  

This flood barrier will be constructed as a more than three-quarter mile long public amenity including a harbor walk extension, various recreational and park areas, a public dock, boat launch, and kayak launch, and several public look-outpoints. As such, this new waterfront park will not only reopen the waterfront to Charlestown for recreation and enjoyment, but it will also significantly protect over 220-acres of Charlestown, as well as over one hundred acres of Somerville and Cambridge from predicted future devastating flooding.

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5 acre, multi-million dollar resiliency solution to protect Charlestown, and parts of Somerville, and Cambridge
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½ mile publicly accessible flood barrier
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3 Parcels across 46- acres of Waterfront property
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Huge open space, shared office and lab space, as well as residential housing.

Resiliency Plan

In its redevelopment program, Flatley prioritizes climate resiliency, resulting in a project highlighted by a multi-million-dollar 2070 climate resiliency solution that will not only protect the Flatley land but, more importantly, hundreds of acres of Charlestown and neighboring areas in Somerville and Cambridge. Flatley’s plan will protect both public and private properties and infrastructure from catastrophic flooding by building a 5-acre resilient solution at what is considered THE most vulnerable breach point along the Mystic River.

Existing Riverfront

Proposed Riverfront

Revitalized Waterfront

The Waterfront will be open to the public for the first time in 60 years. This new resilient edge will include an extension to the Harborwalk and other public pathways, passive and active recreation areas and seating, green spaces and parks, multiple look-out areas, shade shelters, floodable seat steps, and a public boat launch, kayak launch, and dock.

Existing Riverfront

Proposed Riverfront

In addition to the significant resiliency and public realm benefits provided by the flood barrier and waterfront park, 425 Medford will continue to focus on the creation of new resilient and sustainable public open spaces that seamlessly connect to the existing neighborhood. These new waterfront open spaces, connecting pathways, parks and plazas, a community building, and thousands of square feet of public retail and service destinations, will be intermingled with a mix of uses including residential buildings, hotel, and office/laboratory on the combined 25.5 acres.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a significant impact to protect this area from a real issue facing all of us, sea-level rise. We have a unique opportunity to be able to make a flood barrier into a public amenity for the city and bring the people of Boston to a significant waterfront site that much of the public has most likely never stepped foot on,” said John Roche, Chief Executive Officer, The Flatley Company.  ‘We look forward to working with the community, the elected officials and city and state agencies as we move forward on plans for a mixed used site highlighted by unique approaches to resiliency and public access on the waterfront.”

The developer will be working with the community and city and state to develop and advance details of the project.  The Project adheres to many public planning efforts and regulations including Imagine Boston 2030, Plan: Charlestown, and the BPDA’s newly adopted regulations regarding resiliency and flood-proofing.  


Presentation - Traffic & Transportation - 12.7.22

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Community Conversation #3 - Traffic & Transportation - 12.7.22

The Flatley Company is hosting a series of community conversations about its proposed development at 425 Medford St. The third and final meeting in the series will discuss Traffic & Transportation.

Presentation - Design & Programming- 11.17.22

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Presentation - Open Space & Resiliency - 10.26.22

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Community Conversation #2: Design & Programming - 11.17.22

Please join The Flatley Company in a conversation about the design & programming of their proposed project at 425 Medford Street in Charlestown.

Community Conversation #1: Open Space + Resiliency - 10.26.22

The Flatley Company is hosting a series of community conversations about its proposed development at 425 Medford St. The first in the series will discuss the project’s resiliency solutions and public open space design

Public Meeting - 2.28.22


IAG Meeting


425 Medford Street Open House

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Medford Community Meeting Document

Here's the presentation from the community meeting held in November.
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425 Medford Street Master Plan – BPDA Filing

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Urgently Needed Sea-Level-Rise Resiliency Measures To Be Built In First Phase

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The Flatley Company has been invested in the Charlestown community for over 37 years, beginning with the purchase of the manufacturing site of the famous Schrafft’s Candy Factory. Purchased and renovated in 1984, the building is considered a Boston landmark with its distinctive neon sign and expansive water views.

Flatley also owns the adjacent site, 465 Medford Street, which was originally built by the United States Baking Company in the 1890s as a brick bakery.  To fulfill its intention to rival the New York Biscuit Company, U.S. Baking Company bought a few small bakeries in Charlestown and housed them in the buildings on Medford Street.  In 1898, U.S. Baking Company merged with its former adversary New York Biscuit Company and the National Biscuit Company (NABISCO) was born.  

Following this, in 1924, Brockway Smith inhabited the building and built an additional five story steel and concrete building where the company would stay until the late 1960’s.

In the 1980s both buildings at 465 Medford were rehabbed and ultimately rented out to various tenants. The entire complex is owned by Flatley Company.


Founded in 1959 by the late Thomas J. Flatley – The Flatley Company is a family held, fully integrated real estate company, located in Braintree, MA.  In its 60-year history, the Company has developed, owned, and managed over 24 million square feet of exquisitely landscaped real estate including office, industrial, apartments, shopping centers, hotels and health care facilities.